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HOME exists because of passionate volunteers who have a heart to serve the homeless community. Our servants possess an innate desire to aid an underserved population, who traditionally, have limited resources and services available to them. HOME Volunteers treat every participant with respect, compassion, and encouragement.

To be a HOME Volunteer, you must have a sympatric heart, non-judgmental spirit, and an ear to listen, as most of our participants enjoy sharing a quiet conversation. When contributing your time at a HOME Outreach Ministry, Volunteers are encouraged to develop trustful relationships with HOME participants, making them feel welcome, comfortable, and free to enjoy a safe space.  Your presence exemplifies they are not forgotten and that someone cares.

HOME cannot maintain its base operation without the giving hearts of Boca Raton residents, local faith-based partners, like-minded social services organizations, corporate sponsors, and philanthropic supporters.  Your financial donation goes toward providing resources for basic needs; and supporting education and training programs that equip individuals to become self-sustaining members of society.  You may give online – – mail a check to the HOME office, or sponsor/contribute to a HOME fundraising events.

HOME welcome in-kind donations that provide for basic necessities.  These include toiletries for showers and grooming; clothing garments such as underwear, socks, and t-shirts (must be new); and non-perishable snack/single-size food items for HOME’s Brown Bag feeding program. HOME also host item-specific donation drives (e.g. blankets, bath towels, inclement weather outerwear, flashlights, etc.) to assist with seasonal needs.  Please contact HOME office to schedule a pick-up or drop off.


HOME is committed to helping our participants attain the training and education necessary to qualify for permanent employment.  We partner with local industry leaders who share in our passion to assist every able-bodied Boca Raton resident an opportunity for gainful employment. Our Employ Partners are vetted in accordance to local and federal guidelines, and consist of companies that offer competitive pay, benefits, and on-the-job training. We are always in need of dedicated employers who have a heart for extending second chances through employment opportunities.


Education is one of the most impactful change-agents a person can experience.  Access to training and education is key to helping others help themselves.  We seek education partners that will invest in our mission of providing personal and professional development training to those who are ready and seeking transformation in their lives.  Contact us and let us know how we can work together and provide quality education programs to those in need.

*HOME is a 501 c 3 not-for-profit organization.  Monetary and in-kind contributions are tax deductible.

If you would like to add value to the community we serve, please contact Rita Scott, Executive Director, at 561.465.5311 or e-mail