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Many members of the community we serve require education and training to successfully re-enter the workforce. HOME offers educational opportunities that help enhance professional skills and knowledge, so they can compete in today’s competitive job market, as well as life skills that promote personal management and development with the purpose of living a better quality of life. The goal is to help our participants discover and pursue their ambitions and live out their lives to their fullest potential.

HOME Education Programs are produced in collaboration with community education partners and offered at various locations and times of the year. Individuals must meet certain qualifications to participate in a HOME Education Program, including being sober and addiction free.

HOME Education Programs:

  • Job Readiness (Resume Design and Submissions, Interview Techniques, Dressing for Success…).
  • Life Skills (Adult Literacy, GED Prep, Financial Planning, Relationship Management, Time Management, Health & Wellness, Personal Safety…)
  • E-Learning(Computer Essentials, Job Search, Online Applications, Webinar Training…).
  • Entrepreneurial (Culinary, Artists, Designers, CDL {commercial driver’s license} Training…).


HOME partners with local industry leaders and organizations who share in our passion to assist “At-Risk Residents” an opportunity for gainful employment. Our Employ Partners are vetted in accordance with local and federal guidelines, and consist of companies that offer competitive pay, benefits, and on-the-job training.

For more information about education and employment opportunities, contact Susan Keith at 561.465.5311 or e-mail